Who We Are

CrossPointe Counseling,  a 501(c)3 non-profit agency, connects clients with highly qualified graduate, practicum, and post-graduate counseling interns, all of whom are second career professionals, bringing maturity and unique "real life" experience to their practice. In addition to traditional counseling, CrossPointe offers the "Conquering Chronic Conditions" program, for patients and caregivers dealing with chronic health and relationship conditions .

What it Costs
Fees range from $85.00 to $100.00 per private session and $35.00 to $60.00 per group session.

About CrossPointe Counseling

9AM - 6PM M-F,  1.940 368 6549

What We Do
CrossPointe Counseling offers counseling on a sliding fee scale for individuals, couples, and groups at our office conveniently located in Lewisville.  In addition to traditional counseling services, the "Conquering Chronic Conditions" program offers support to patients and caregivers dealing with chronic health conditions, through a combination of practical training sessions, supportive work in group settings, and individual, couple, and family work.  Meeting others who are dealing with similar situations and challenges , establishing support relationships, learning coping skills, and learning to help others are all part of the group sessions.    

Who Do We Treat
CrossPointe provides counseling for:

  • Individuals who suffer with mood disorders, depression, anxiety, traumas and circumstances that cause stress.
  • Engaged couples seeking premarital counseling.
  • Couples struggling to bring health into their relationship.
  • Adults who are seeking a life coach to assist them in making career and personal decisions to ensure success in life.
  • Adults and adolescents who suffer from chronic illness that causes difficulties with maintaining normalcy in life.
  • Adults caring for aging parents.
  • Adults caring for a chronically ill or disabled spouse.
  • Parents caring for a chronically ill or disabled child(ren).
  • Adults and adolescents dealing with grief.
  • Adults who suffer from disability or chronic illness and have no one to assist them.

  Our Staff
Thom Wilder,  MA, LPC-I #77731

Thom brings a rich perspective

to his counseling from over 30 years of
widely varied experience.  Recognizing

that each client enters counseling with

a unique story to tell, Thom takes time

to understand the big picture and offers

support and direction tailored to the unique needs and personal strengths of his clients.

In addition to general counseling services with couples and individuals, Thom is the architect of the "Conquering Chronic Conditions" and "Wellness for Caregivers" programs, which utilize both group and individual sessions to provide support and help to those living with chronic health conditions and their caregivers.  Building on his own experience caring for his wife through her disability status for the past 18 years, Thom has developed a skill set and authentic depth of empathy to offer meaningful help to others walking the same path. 

Thom has a natural knack for connecting with people in
meaningful dialogue through more than 30 years experience as a minister in local church settings.  Thom has a Master's degree in Professional Counseling plus masters level training in matters of Christian faith at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. 
Thom is fulfilling the professional internship requirements for state licensure in Texas as an LPC Intern and he works under the supervision of Will Singleton, LPC-S #13140.

Thom may be reached at
wilder.thom@gmail.com or in Lewisville at 940.368.6549.  More information on Overcoming Chronic Illness can be found atwww.overcomingci.com.

Will Singleton,MDiv, LPC-S #13140

Will Singleton, is a state board approved

supervisor and has been the director of

CrossPoint Counseling since its founding

over twenty years ago.  Will provides

clinical supervision and administrative

oversight of CrossPointe Counseling Inc.


For matters related to supervision Will can be contacted at 972-978-9784.